The Upgraded Difference

No Money Down payment plan - We will finance your 1% deductible interest free!

With our new payment plan, homeowners now have the opportunity to pay out their deductible over a one year period, interest-free. Payments begin 30 days after the completion of the work on your home and will be drafted electronically and securely through our Quickbooks accounting software in equal installments.

Upgrade Your Roofing System and Save Money!

With an Upgraded roof, you can save hundreds of dollars annually on your homeowners insurance.  With a fully paid deductible, our guarantee is to upgrade your shingles.  If you currently have a 30 year shingle on your home, we are going to upgrade your shingles to an Impact Resistant Class 4 shingle.  A Class 4 shingle can save up to 20% annually on your homeowners insurance depending on your geographic location.  And if you have a 20/25 year shingle on your home, we are going to upgrade you to a 30 year shingle made by Owens Corning which offers a higher wind rating and instantly adds value to your most prized possession - your home.


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